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What it’s like to be a mom on the Upper West Side of New York City


Being a mom is a tough job.

While many assume going to work means sitting at a desk all day, moms need to take care of managing the household, caring for their kids, cleaning the home — and often on top of a career.

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Emily Prawda-Weiss knows the challenges of raising children as a working mom first hand. Prawda-Weiss resides in New York City’s Upper West Side, one of the busiest (and most expensive) neighborhoods in the country. Since her husband works at a bank during the day, Prawda-Weiss gets her girls ready for school and works from home for Big City Moms, a website for expectant mothers.

Prawda-Weiss, who grew up in Brooklyn, feels comfortable with the commotion in New York City: she juggles much of the cooking, housework, and caretaking, while working from home full-time in the country’s most populous city.

“No matter what, a mom is working hard because of the emotional labor she takes with her day-to-day, because she has to manage a family and manage a household as well,” Prawda-Weiss said in an interview with Business Insider.

Here’s what the life of a mom on NYC’s Upper West Side is actually like.


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