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What do real-life hustlers think of the movie Hustlers


Director Lorene Scafaria’s film, “Hustlers,” is a box-office smash and a darling of professional film critics.

Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday described the movie — which follows a crew of high-end strippers who band together to turn the tables on their wealthy Wall Street clients — as a “funny, naughty, entertaining kick in the pants.” New Statesman declared it “a refreshing example of changing attitude towards sex work,” while The Nation called it a “subversive joy,” featuring women rebels who critic Joshunda Sanders characterize as “quite literally stealing back their power.”

But what do real life hustlers think of the $33 million-dollar success? We asked three women who worked as exotic dancers during the same era to reflect on the film’s accuracy, as well as their time on stage. Here’s what they said.


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