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We asked pro résumé coaches to name 1 thing they wish everyone knew


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Small mistakes on a resume can be off-putting to recruiters.
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Résumés: Nobody likes writing them.

But unless you’re, say, a cranberry bog harvester or a deep sea fisherman, chances are you’re going to need one.

The art of writing the perfect résumé, however, is a mysterious one. There are countless small variables to consider. And opinions on what you should and shouldn’t put on a résumé vary drastically. Should you include your date of college graduation? Some would say absolutely. Others would say that’s a rookie mistake.

So where is a hapless job seeker to turn for solid advice on what makes a great CV? To the experts, of course. In an effort to dispel the shroud of mystery — and anxiety — that shrouds crafting a résumé for many people, we tapped a group of professional career coaches and résumé writers for the one thing they wish job applicants knew about résumés.

Here’s their best advice.


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