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Want to raise mentally strong kids? Stop doing these 7 things


  • Mental strength doesn’t mean that your kids should never cry or should constantly be doing as much as they can. Instead, it means equipping them to become a responsible adult — and that means recognizing their feelings and letting them feel them.
  • Don’t give in when they misbehave or constantly shower them in presents. But don’t expect perfection, or make them equally responsible for decisions.
  • Kids should learn how to handle their self-doubt, and deal with consequences when they make a mistake.
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Teaching kids how to develop mental strength isn’t about ensuring they won’t cry or insisting they push themselves to their limits all the time.

Instead, it’s about raising a child who is equipped with the social and emotional skills they need to become a responsible adult.

One of the best ways to help kids develop resilience is to give up unhealthy parenting habits that rob kids of the mental strength they need to think, feel, and perform at their best.

Here are seven parenting habits you should give up if you want to raise mentally strong kids:


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