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Universum most attractive US employer rankings 2019: Engineers


Engineering students getting ready to enter the workforce see automakers, oil companies, aerospace firms, and tech giants as ideal employers.

Employer branding specialists Universum have just released their annual rankings of the most attractive employers in the US for 2019. Universum runs a massive annual survey of tens of thousands of students from hundreds of universities, asking them what they look for when considering their future employers.

Check out the full rankings at Universum’s website here.

The most attractive employer rankings are based on a question asking respondents in different areas of study to list up to five ideal employers — the organizations and firms that they most want to work for. The top companies and institutions have an outsized share of potential future employees that view them as great places to work.

Here are the 40 companies and organizations with the highest shares of students in engineering fields naming them as ideal employers:


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