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These are the richest people living in each US state


In June, Forbes determined the richest person in each state by net worth. There are billionaires and centimillionaires on the coveted list, with some of the wealthiest hailing from the technology sector.

Several siblings appear on the list, including the heirs of the Mars candy and Walmart fortunes, proving the endurance of American dynastic wealth. The siblings within these ultrawealthy families live in different states, thereby earning multiple spots on the list.

Most of the millionaires and billionaires on the list earned their fortunes in finance, real estate, tech, and retail.

Some notable billionaires — including Bill Gates — are absent from the list. Gates made the cut in previous years, but Jeff Bezos has long since surpassed him as the wealthiest person in the state of Washington — and the world. Michael Bloomberg also returns to the list, taking the top spot in New York City, after previously losing his spot to David Koch, who passed away earlier this year.

Keep reading to see who the richest person is in each US State.

Note: All net worths are estimates by Forbes using the most current available data.

Matthew Michaels contributed to an earlier version of this report. 


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