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The industries with the most jobs in 25 major US cities


  • Call-service provider Moneypenny recently released their analysis of the industries hiring for the most jobs in major US cities.
  • The healthcare and hospital industry had the most open positions in metropolitan cities, followed by retail and information technology.
  • Here are the industries with the most job openings in 25 major US cities.
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Major US cities have plenty of jobs for nurses and doctors.

Call-service provider Moneypenny analyzed thousands of LinkedIn job openings to determine which industries are hiring the most workers in 25 major cities.

Various cities had the most vacancies for jobs in the hospital and healthcare sector. The trend follows previous reports of increased need for healthcare workers across the country: nurses, doctors, and physician assistants will see some of the highest job growth by 2028, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Retail also had plenty of job openings in major cities, as sellers like Walmart continue to employ millions of Americans.

Here are the industries with the most job openings in 25 major cities: 


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