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The clothes and accessories you should never wear to a job interview


Your interview outfit should be professional and put-together. It won’t necessarily be the most stylish outfit you’ll ever wear, but it should communicate confidence and a good work ethic.

But the days of absolutely having to wear a suit or dress to a job interview are over, said Marc Cenedella, CEO of Ladders, a careers site for six-figure jobs.

Cenedella suggested reaching out to your recruiter, company contact, or the HR team to get a sense for what people at the company typically wear to work.

“You can always be direct and ask ‘Will I feel out of place in formal business attire?'” Cenedella told Business Insider. “If they answer ‘not at all,’ you know it’s expected.”

Regardless of the typical level of dress in the office, some decorum during the interview is still necessary — yoga pants, wrinkled shirts, or ripped denim shouldn’t be in your interview wardrobe even for the most casual workplaces.

Here are the 17 things you definitely shouldn’t wear to a job interview:


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