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The best cities for freelancers who work from coffee shops


Some cities are simply better suited for freelancing.

So says a report from, which ranked the best cities for freelancers in the US across five measures:

  1. Median rent for a one-bedroom apartment
  2. Average internet download speed for the city
  3. Average combined federal and state income taxes a freelancer would have to pay in that city, if they were making median freelancer income of $52,074. 
  4. Number of Starbucks coffee shops per 100,00 people
  5. Ease of transportation (via walking, biking, or public transit). The higher the transportation score, the better (50 or higher is considered a very good score).

The state that took the cake was Texas, with seven cities on the list. Florida appeared the most in the top 10 cities, compromising four of top 10 picks and five total.

Check out the 29 best US cities for freelancers below: 


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