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The 40 companies engineering and IT students around the world say they want to work for


Engineering and IT students around the world want to work for big tech companies, storied industrial manufacturers, and name-brand automakers, according to a new survey.

Employer branding expert Universum just released its annual rankings of the World’s Most Attractive Employers, based on the responses of college students in the 12 biggest economies in the world.

Universum runs an annual survey of hundreds of thousands of college students across the world, asking them what they’re looking for in their future employers. One of the questions on the survey asks students in various areas of study to list up to five ideal employers. The top employer rankings are based on the share of students who list that company in their top five. Percent shares from each of the 12 countries are weighted by gross domestic product.

Here are the 40 most attractive employers for engineering and IT students around the world, according to the new 2019 ranking:


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