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The 20 highest-paying companies in Silicon Valley in 2019


silicon valley san jose
Downtown San Jose, California.
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It’s no secret that Silicon Valley companies are big money-makers and, as a result, many pay their employees above-average salaries.

The California region — home to some of the richest people in America — has headquartered companies since the early days of the tech boom. The valley includes Bay Area cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, and Palo Alto.

Recent findings from Glassdoor show the Valley’s highest-paying tech companies boast median salaries ranging from $133,000 to almost $171,000. These 20 companies — plus five others outside Silicon Valley — fill up the top 25 spots on Glassdoor’s full report highlighting the highest-paying companies today.

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Many of these companies — including big names like LinkedIn and Google— appeared in previous Glassdoor reports, while this year’s lineup also welcomed some new names. Some notable tech giants, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Dell Technologies, are excluded as they are based elsewhere in the country.

Keep reading for a look at the highest-paying Silicon Valley companies, ranked in order of median total compensation.


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