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Teachers reveal the one thing students do that drives them nuts


As back-to-school season moves forward, many teachers are gearing up for new sets of students — some of whom may be more disobedient in class than others.

While watching students succeed brings joy to many instructors, some told Business Insider there are certain annoying (and common) behaviors that make their job difficult.

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Business Insider asked teachers to respond to the question, “What’s one thing students do that drives you nuts?” Many pointed to student behavior as the biggest source of frustration: Laziness, lying, cheating, and a lack of motivation were among the most common complaints. Teachers also talked about the way cell phones have disrupted classrooms, and many said they do not tolerate bullying.

(Business Insider verified the identities of all anonymous sources prior to publishing their responses. Responses are from K-12 public school teachers.)

Here are the six things students do that teachers say drive them crazy.

[Editor’s note: Some of these survey answers have been slightly edited for grammar and clarity.]

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