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Stack Overflow developer survey 2019: 25 most influential people in tech


Stack Overflow, a site where you can get answers to even the trickiest programming questions, recently released its annual developer survey.

This annual survey of nearly 90,000 developers looks at demographics, what types of work programmers are doing, the technology they’re using to do it, and other questions.

This year, Stack Overflow also surveyed developers on who they think will most influence tech in 2019, allowing respondents to write in their answer. It’s important to note that the question was phrased as: “What individual person will have the most influence in tech this year?” That phrasing doesn’t specify whether the impact is good or bad.

These top 25 results are based on 30,398 responses, and include CEOs and co-founders of tech giants, open source developers, and even politicians. The top response by far is Elon Musk, the bombastic CEO of Tesla — 30.2% of respondents wrote him in, followed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Only one woman made it on to the list. Also of note, 91.7% of respondents were men, while only 7.9% were women and 1.2% were non-binary, genderqueer, or gender non-conforming.

Below are the top 25 people who will have the most influence in tech in 2019, according to the Stack Overflow survey.


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