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Public school teachers reveal the most shocking parts of their job


As students head back to school, they’ll be given one or a handful of new teachers for the year.

Yet educators will sometimes get hundreds of new students as they’re tasked with giving them a good understanding of one subject in just a few months.

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Having to craft individual lesson plans for dozens of new students is just one of many surprising parts of being a teacher. K-12 public school teachers spoke to Business Insider and revealed plenty of shocking parts about their job, including not being able to use the bathroom during class and the risk of being fired if they criticize their school.

Business Insider asked teachers to respond to the question, “What’s something about your job that a lot of people don’t know?” Some teachers answered anonymously or just using their first names. Business Insider verified the identities using badges and school emails of all anonymous sources prior to publishing their responses.

Here are the most surprising aspects of being a K-12 teacher in the US:

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