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Nurse suicide epidemic on the rise, a new UCSD study finds


Nurses — who typically work long hours and may face abuse on the job — are more likely to take their own lives, a new study finds.

Researchers from the University of California-San Diego recently conducted the first nationwide investigation into nurse suicides in more than 20 years. They found that male and female nurses both have higher rates of suicide than the general US population.

The nurse suicide epidemic is consistent with increasing rates of suicide across the country. The US suicide rate spiked in recent years, increasing by 28% in the past two decades, and the rate of suicide is the highest its been since World War II.

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For nurses, hardships on the job include working long hours due to nationwide worker shortages, plus dealing with physical and verbal abuse on the job.

Here’s what the high rate of suicide among nurses tells us about the crisis facing one of the nation’s most in-demand jobs.

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