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Jobs Americans think should pay the most


Despite having a prestigious or respected reputation, many careers don’t pay as much as you think they would, or even should.

Jobs that save lives on a daily basis can appear drastically underpaid when compared to more perceivably glamorous jobs like sports stars, actors, and politicians. The truth is — some of the most heroic jobs are actually paid the least.

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A recent survey by Vantis Life reports that Americans believe jobs associated with being “heroic” or “trustworthy” should also be paid the most. Respondents said they believe doctors should be paid the most, along with firefighters, police officers, soldiers, nurses, and other impactful careers. The analysts at Vantis Life pointed out, however, that despite the fact that some jobs have a high perceived monetary value among respondents, many of them are paid lower salaries.

Business Insider consulted average salaries on Payscale to determine how various jobs’ perceived social value relates to their actual pay.

Here are 6 jobs Americans believe should be paid the most, but actually pay under $52K:


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