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How to use Jeff Bezos’ leadership principles to get a job at Amazon


The first principle is customer obsession.
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Amazon just hit $1 trillion in value. It’s also where the most Americans want to work this year, according to a LinkedIn survey.

Led by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has 14 leadership principles for its employees. From “ownership” to “dive deep,” these guidelines are designed to drive innovative thinking and quick action.

For those interested in working for Amazon, memorizing and using those principles is a key way to show you’d fit in the company culture.

Corey Salzer.
Courtesy of Amazon

Corey Salzer, a 24-year-old solutions architect who has been working at Amazon Web Services since August 2017, said that mentioning the principles in your résumé, cover letter, and interview was a major way to impress recruiters.

“One of the big things, I would say, is that Amazon really focuses on our leadership principles,” Salzer told Business Insider. “They basically encourage a set of guidelines for how Amazon culture operates, so really learning those leadership principles” is important.

“Memorizing them would definitely help [applicants], and being able to even use them in their language during the interviews,” Salzer said.

For example: Use the leadership principle in its exact phrasing and connect it back to something you’ve done at a previous job, internship, or project.

Take a look below to see which five of the 14 leadership principles Salzer highlighted in her interviews, and how she recommends using them in real life.


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