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How tech companies like Atlassian, Microsoft do developer interviews


Software engineers are in high demand, and tech companies are in fierce competition for the best talent.

Salaries reflect the high demand of software engineers as well. In the San Francisco Bay Area, they bring home an average of $155,000, according to Hired. But determining who’s qualified and who’s not can be a process that’s riddled with challenges and bias.

Traditionally, developers have been evaluated with a combination of coding exams, whiteboarding sessions, and behavioral interviews. Candidates often have to solve coding problems and explain their process to an engineer over the phone, or stand in front of a panel of engineers and solve a problem on a whiteboard.

Still, not all developers agree that these are the best ways to interview. According to Hired, only 54% of developers agree that coding exams effectively assess their skills, while 63% say these exams are irrelevant to their actual work.

Still, for many companies, coding assessments remain a vital part of the process, although in more recent years, major companies have lightened the emphasis on them. Microsoft revamped its product manager interviews to focus more on collaboration and actual work problems, while Google discontinued its infamous brainteasers.

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