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How much Trader Joe’s employees get paid, from cashiers to managers


Trader Joe’s has consistently been a standout employer in the world of retail.

For the past three years, it’s appeared as a top company on Glassdoor, with 84% respondents saying they’d recommend working at Trader Joe’s to a friend.

So how well does Trader Joe’s pay its employees?

“In general, we offer above minimum wage,” a Trader Joe’s spokesperson told Business Insider in a statement. The spokesperson added that wages do vary based on the location of the store.

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Business Insider reviewed self-reported salaries for many roles on both PayScale and Glassdoor. Not all of the data was necessarily collected within the past year or so. We also checked out the grocer’s website, which lists the pay scale for different open positions around the country.

When it comes to overall compensation, the company’s website said that employees “have the potential to receive a 7%-10% annual increase” in wages every year, and also receive a 10% store discount. The site also said that Trader Joe’s workers can sign up for a retirement plan, and some are also eligible for medical, dental, and vision plans and paid time off.

Here’s what employees make across your average Trader Joe’s store, according to self-reported data:


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