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How much does an iPhone XS cost in other countries?


If you’re planning a trip to Rio next month, keep your phone safe — or it’ll cost you.

Deutsche Bank released its annual “ Mapping the World’s Prices” report, which breaks down cost differences around the globe for things like monthly rent, hotel rentals, gas prices, haircuts, and more.

Nearly all countries in the Deutsche Bank survey sold iPhone XS’s for more than the US price, except for Nigeria (for reasons they “can’t quite explain.”) Brazil had the highest price at $2,050, 64% more expensive than in the US.

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In America, the iPhone XS costs about $1,251. Apple released the iPhone XS, an upgrade to its iPhone X, last fall. The new phone runs faster, contains more storage, and has a better battery life than its previous version.

Here are the 25 most expensive places to purchase an iPhone XS, marked in US dollars.


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