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How LeBron James advocates for labor rights + player empowerment


As athletes break bones and work endlessly for a chance to play, team executives trade “loyal” players freely as a part of the business, or reap millions while college athletes can’t get paid.

Now, the country’s most famous male athlete is continuing to fight for more player leverage over organizations.

And he helped spark the era of “player empowerment” in the first place.

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“The idea of athlete autonomy ā€” of a player having more control and power over his or her own career, of not just being an employee of an owner who is not the one out running and dunking ā€” has caught on in the public consciousness in a way it had failed to before,” Will Leitch, noted sports journalist and the founder of Deadspin, wrote for NBC News. “James’ move [to Miami] was the instigating act.”

Here are all the ways James has advocated for player and labor rights during his career:


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