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Here’s how much the typical healthcare employee makes


Not all healthcare employees are paid equally.

To get a better sense of what employees at healthcare companies are being paid, we looked through company documents for 2018, which were recently filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The US recently began to require that companies disclose the median compensation of their employees and a ratio illustrating the difference between the median pay for workers and CEOs. Companies have long been required to disclose how much they pay board members and top executives.

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Healthcare companies across the industry employ everyone from scientists to manufacturers to people who work the register at a retail pharmacy. The pay varies, with biotechs commanding the highest median compensation across the board.

Companies can use different methods for calculating the median compensation figure. For example, some include the value of health insurance and other benefits, while others only include cash pay.

Here’s what the typical employee at companies like CVS Health, Walgreens, Pfizer and Cigna made in 2018.


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