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Don’t treat women differently: What women wish salesmen knew


But over the years, I’ve found myself in situations with male salespeople that prove there’s still a major disconnect. While this is certainly not true in every case, I find that I’m often left feeling disrespected, uncomfortable, or stereotyped, and, as a result, those men don’t earn my trust or my business.

It’s a common problem. I’ve seen it not only in my personal life, but throughout my career in financial services. Part of what I do is help brands — especially financial companies — connect with female audiences. A lot of that work focuses on identifying the subtext that brands unknowingly send and helping them evolve their messaging — knowledge I’ve gained over years of working one-on-one with women and hearing the frustrations they experience.

But it’s not limited to my work in financial services and fintech. I pick up on this subtext in nearly every sales and business setting I’m in (most recently with three different companies when buying a water softener system for my home).

So for anyone who’s selling something to women: Despite your good intentions, you may be making a few blunders you’re not aware of. Here’s what you need to know to close that communication gap — and hopefully, the sale.


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