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Companies already hiring seasonal workers


From Black Friday to New Year’s Eve, retailers scramble to minimize lines, ensure customer satisfaction, and survive the holiday shopping rush.

This year, retailers seem to be more ahead of the game than ever, and many companies are already starting to hire seasonal workers to stay on top of increasing in-store purchases leading up to the major holidays.

However, don’t be fooled — it’s the online shopping business that is really turning the retail industry on its head this holiday season. UPS, FedEx, and regional mailing company OnTrac are also amping up their workforces, sometimes by the tens of thousands.

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Glassdoor just released their report on big-name companies that currently have open seasonal opportunities. While the holidays may still be months away, it’s a good idea to apply early and beat the influx of people looking to pick up part-time shifts around the holidays to earn a little extra money.

Here are 20 companies that are already hiring seasonal workers.


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