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Career advice: Experts explain how to change your job and be happier


  • Career advice often focuses on changing your job so it’s more fulfilling.
  • A career transition might involve quitting today — or it might involve some more gradual experimentation.
  • Business Insider has listed below the best insights and advice we’ve heard from career experts and successful career-changers.
  • Business Insider regularly interviews experts about career pivots. You can read them all by subscribing to BI Prime.

Most working professionals have at some point found themselves stuck in a rut.

It could be that their boss is a tyrant; it could also be that they’re bored and curious to see what else is out there.

Whatever the situation, there’s almost assuredly a way out. And while it might involve quitting, moving to a new city, and overhauling your entire lifestyle, it might instead come down to trying a different role within your current team.

Below, Business Insider has listed the best (and most practical) career-change advice we’ve heard from a range of experts, plus super successful folks who’ve revamped their own work situations.

Re-envisioning your overall career: A former Googler and Facebook exec says your parents’ career path is just about dead, and there’s a better way to move up in the world

Recognizing when you need a new challenge: The CEO of a consulting firm says if ‘you can see your future’ at work, you may not be in the right career

Figuring out what you actually enjoy doing: The best question you can ask before changing careers has nothing to do with your work

Pinpointing the most impactful and fulfilling work you could do: A former Google exec reveals the 3 questions you should ask yourself before making a career change

Gathering support at work and at home: A LinkedIn executive’s 3-step plan to making a meaningful career change can help anyone who feels stuck in their job

Leveraging your past experience in your new role: You’re not ‘too old’ to make a career change — in fact, you’ve probably already done half the work

Overcoming fear: This poster in Facebook’s office inspired an early employee to make a huge career shift in his 40s

Finding out what your new life will really look like: Too many people skip a crucial step before making a career change

Deciding whether to move on from your organization: A former Netflix exec shares 3 simple questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking about leaving your job

Avoiding a bad reputation among your current coworkers: A woman who’s spent a decade in HR shares the No. 1 sign it’s time to quit your job

Distinguishing between hating your job and wanting to start your own business: The ultimate guide to figuring out how (and if) you should start your own company

Riding out boredom: A former Googler and career coach says you shouldn’t always turn your passion into a full-time job

Seeing the signs that you’re ready to transition: A former Googler who left after 2 years to build her own startup explains how to know it’s time to quit your job

Minimizing risk: The 33-year-old CEO of a successful startup reveals the key to minimizing risk when you leave a steady job to become an entrepreneur

Experimenting before you take any big leaps: A career coach and former Googler breaks down the 4 steps to making a change in your career

Taking small steps toward your ultimate goal: How to make a drastic career change, from an executive coach who’s helped countless people unhappy at work

Telling your boss you’re quitting: A workplace expert shares the exact steps you should take to quit your job without burning bridges


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