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A productivity expert shares 5 must-read books for anyone who wants to get ahead


I used to think a library was a place you visited on the weekend to read books or a quiet place to study at school. Jim Rohn, the American business philosopher, taught me otherwise. He used to say, “Every house over $250,000 has a library in it. Why do you think that is?”

That was the day I started my own library.

First, it was a box in my closet. Today, my success library has swelled to over 700 physical books and another 800 online. I didn’t limit my studies to just business and productivity, but added books on marketing, copywriting, psychology, linguistic programming, history, and nutrition.

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I’ve got nearly every well-known book, including “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” “The Four-Hour Work Week,” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” They each sold millions of copies and helped spawn a series that made their authors well-known keynote speakers in every corner of the globe. While these books were game-changers, I’m always on the lookout for those books that slip through the cracks.

Here are five books that didn’t really get the attention they deserved.


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