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8 things to do when you first meet someone if you want them to remember you forever


  • In most cases, you want to make a positive, lasting impression on those you meet.
  • That can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be so hard.
  • We turned to a Quora thread to find some simple ideas and techniques for making yourself memorable.
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We all strive to be memorable. But leaving a lasting impression on someone we’ve just met isn’t always easy.

It also isn’t impossible.

As it turns out, with the right words and actions almost anyone can create a captivating presence.

To help you figure out how to do this, we looked at the answers posted on Quora in response to the question, “How do I become more memorable when meeting someone for the first time?” 

Here were some of our favorite tips for making yourself memorable when you first meet someone new.

Natalie Walters and Catherine Rice contributed to previous versions of this article.


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