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7 brands of liquor you’re paying way too much for at the bar


Is it shrewd, cynical, or simply smart that some brands charge more simply because they can?

As a bartender, I’m at times dismayed by how brand loyalty can guide the choices of my customers. Often, there’s a disconnect between the quality of an alcoholic beverage and its price.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with favoring a brand. We all feel endeared toward some.

But if you’re taking a hard look at quality for price, there are some booze brands you order that leave us scratching our heads: Why do so many people shell out so much money to drink them?

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Disclaimer: These are my opinions — not the opinion of all bartenders — but nevertheless, I can safely say there’s some consensus, at least among my immediate peers.

Here are the brands you’re spending way too much money for at the bar, and what you should be ordering instead.


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