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4 ways to feel accomplished during a rough patch at work


  • Tim Croll is a coach working with 20 different service-based companies in a group setting. He has a masters in leadership and is certified as a KidLead coach, and his core mission is to see others excel and achieve their dreams.
  • He says that business owners find themselves in hard situations on an almost daily basis, which can make it hard to feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Keep your ultimate goal in mind, plan ahead for the seasons, figure out what’s standing in your way, and don’t define your identity by only external standards.
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Every week, if not every day, business owners find themselves in situations that are hard. Plans that were made and put into place are suddenly useless due to the market changing. Sometimes the workload required to accomplish a goal is heavier than anticipated. Sometimes it is the overwhelming sense of loneliness while working through plans.

Even in the middle of all these things we can find our sense of accomplishment by adjusting our mindset to find the way through the challenges. Here’s how.


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