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What not to say to a fasting coworker during Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak!

From May 5 to June 4, or the ninth month of the lunar calendar, healthy adult Muslims around the world will participate in the month of Ramadan. Muslims use the month to purify their souls and become closer to God.

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During the month, Muslims eat their meals before sunrise and after sunset, and refrain from eating during the day. If you have a Muslim coworker, you may find yourself nervous to eat in front of them or say something to offend them.

But you shouldn’t be worried about insulting your coworker, Ibrahim Hooper, the communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told Business Insider. Hooper said Muslims enjoy when coworkers take interest in the month.

“It’s OK to ask questions. In fact, Muslims like to talk about these things,” Hooper said. “It’s always appreciated if you recognize a Muslim coworker is fasting during Ramadan.”

While most questions are alright, there are a few phrases that you should avoid asking a fasting coworker if possible.

Here are five things to avoid saying to your Muslim coworkers during Ramadan:

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