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The longest detention times for truckers in June, by city

As a long-haul truck driver in Australia, FreightWaves chief insight officer Dean Croke spent most Sundays waiting for six to seven hours for grocery loads.

“You hear people bellyaching about the driver shortage,” Croke told Business Insider, but he said those same industry leaders aren’t looking at a key inefficiency in the trucking industry — the hours per week that truck drivers spend waiting for loads.

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One way to look at detention times is to parse out the locations in which truckers are waiting the longest. Truckers waited at shipping docks for 2.5 hours per job on average in 2018, according to June FreightWaves SONAR data from its 135 markets. The average wait was as high as 4.7 hours in El Paso, Texas.

According to a survey administered by the freight marketplace DAT Solutions that polled drivers from 257 trucking companies, only 3% of truckers said they receive detention pay for at least 90% of their claims to the shippers.

Here are the cities with the 20 worst detention times, according to FreightWaves:

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