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Microsoft, Biogen, and other companies with good environmental policies

As the US government drags its feet on climate change legislation, major corporations have stepped up to address the challenge.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Goldman Sachs are making massive strides in recycling or redirecting solid waste from landfills. Apparel company PVH Corp uses recyclable packaging for the majority of its products, and Intel even ties employee compensation to their sustainability practices.

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To separate the companies taking bold, industry-redefining steps to limit their environmental footprints, nonprofit Just Capital released its annual ranking of the best companies for the environment. Founded by billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, Just Capital analyzes corporate responsibility practices at 1,000 of the largest US companies.

Aside from environmental impact, the survey breaks down a company’s employee treatment, ethical leadership, and transparent customer service.

Here are 15 companies with top-notch environmental practices:

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