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Empower Career Coaching 

Helping great talent prepare for great opportunities!

At Empower Career Coaching, we offer a variety of training and counseling services to help get you into the career that best suits your abilities and desires.  Whether you are a high school student in need of that first opportunity, or a professional who is already out in the workforce and would like to change jobs or careers, we can help!

Mission Statement: To assist individuals in reaching their career and life goals by providing quality coaching and counseling services.

Our goal at Empower Career Coaching is to help you explore various career paths and discover the right one for you by aligning your talents, values, and passions. To achieve this, we offer a variety of services including a professional resume service, one-on-one mock interviews, help in creating social media profiles, exclusive hiring events, resources and workshops, and much more.

Career Discovery

“What type of job or career is right for me?”

  •  If you are trying to find the answer to this question, you are not alone. It is the most common career issue that we help clients address.

Empower Career Coaching is here to help you explore and discover the right career for you. Our career coaching services focus on aligning your talents, values, and passions.

In doing so, you will experience:

  •  Clarity, meaning, and fulfillment.
  •  Less stress.
  •  Greater professional success.
  •  Purpose and direction.

Improved Interview Skills and Resume Service

Helping you discover your career is not all we do. We also offer a variety of services to help you find employment once you have decided on your career path.

Empower Career Coaching can help you:

  • Dramatically improve your interviewing skills.
  • Rewrite your resume.
  • Advance in your current career.
  • Transition to a new career.
  • Escape the corporate world.

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