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Eight Blackstone dealmakers are future of firm

It seems the Blackstone Group, with more than half a trillion in assets, owns just about everything.

Whether you’re spending a night in a hotel or just going to the office, there’s a good chance you’re inhabiting space owned, at least in part, by Blackstone.

In real estate alone, the firm has $154 billion of assets under management, comprised of office, hotel, retail and residential properties.

Its ever-expanding portfolio of companies also includes businesses from mobile advertising to data analytics, to firms that create the world’s roads, tunnels, and wind farms.

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While everyone knows the bold-face names behind Blackstone’s dealmaking prowess like CEO Stephen Schwarzman and his lieutenant Tony James, there’s a younger generation of scrappy upstarts helping shape some of the firm’s biggest deals.

Business Insider spoke with industry insiders, including recruiters, sponsor bankers and competitors, to compile a list of rising dealmakers at Blackstone.

These professionals do not currently lead entire divisions at the firm, though some run smaller units. Most work alongside the firm’s star players as a supporting cast, but their peers predict greatness ahead. Whatever their roles, sources expressed confidence that they may just become some of the firm’s most successful dealmakers.

[A quick note on methodology: the list reflects only dealmakers based in the United States and does not include investment professionals across Blackstone’s lines of credit, hedge fund and insurance solutions.]

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