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Costco employees reveal how much money they make

From cashiers and cake decorators to forklift operators and pharmacy technicians, Costco employees have been earning decent wages for years.

Costco, a membership-only wholesale superstore with a “ cult-like following employs over 245,000 workers and is well-known for providing perks to members, along with benefits for its employees.

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Previous reporting from Business Insider shows Costco has consistently raised its starting rate, which is well over the national minimum wage of $7.25. Business Insider’s Mary Hanbury reported a raise from $13 to $14 in 2018, and another increase to $15 per hour in March. This most recent change allows Costco to compete with Amazon, who raised its minimum to $15 per hour last fall.

To get a better idea of how much each type of employee in a Costco store makes, we looked at self-reported salaries for many roles on both PayScale and Glassdoor and ordered the positions from lowest to highest hourly pay. For some jobs, we only found data from one of the two sources.

Because the latest increase was implemented very recently, some positions’ salary averages we found may not reflect the new minimum just yet, as the self-reported data we looked at spans the last few years.

While most hourly positions align with recent years’ starting rates, some senior management roles — along with specialized positions such as pharmacy technicians — allow for some higher salaries (upwards of $25 per hour).

Keep reading for a look at employee salaries throughout a Costco Wholesale store:

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