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Companies that will help pay for school: Chipotle, Verizon

  • Chipotle just announced it will offer free tuition to employees who have worked at the company for 120 days or more. 
  • Other major companies across the country offer some sort of college-tuition reimbursement program.
  • Verizon employees are eligible to receive up to $8,000 per year of tuition reimbursement.
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There’s no doubt about it: college is expensive, and student-loan debt is higher than ever.

But the good news is, depending on where you work, it could come a lot cheaper — if not almost free.

Chipotle recently announced it would offer free tuition for all employees who have worked at the company for 120 days or more. Workers can choose business and technology degrees from schools like the University of Arizona or Bellevue University.

Many other companies around the country provide their employees with tuition assistance.

From Starbucks to Chipotle to Fidelity Investments, here are 15 companies that help their employees get a degree. 

Melina Glusac wrote a previous version of this article.

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