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Hello my name is Stan Martin, I am a Career Coach at Empower Career Coaching.   I love to help people discover their passions and find their dream jobs and careers.

I have placed hundreds of people in awesome jobs and careers for more than 10 years

I want to help you reach your full earning potential and  leave a legacy for yourself and your family.

Are looking for a job?

Are looking for more pay on their current job?

Would you like to start a business?

 Empower Career Coaching can help you with that.

Did you know that 70% of Job openings are not advertised?

Did you know you can guarantee yourself a pay increase?

Did you know you can give yourself a promotion?   

Did you know you can start a Business today? 

Would you like to have the freedom to plan your day how you would like to?  My goal is to help you to achieve financial freedom. I want to help you invest in real estate I want to help you pay off your house, I want to help you have enough money to be financially free.  Retirement is not an age it is an income. You have to have a plan or someone will have a plan for you.  Let me help you develop a plan that will give you the financial freedom to have options.  Did you know money gives you options? So this is what I need you to do, email me or call me. Please leave your name, contact number and email and  either me or someone on my team will be calling you to present you with an opportunity to begin the process to financial freedom.

Let Empower Career Coaching help you develop a plan & strategy to reach your full earning potential.

Ask yourself these questions.

What problems am I here to solve? ( everyone is here to solve a problem)

What is my mission? ( what is your personal mission statement)

Organizations have a plan, projections and forecasts.  You have to have a plan or someone will have a plan for you.

Stanley Martin, Career Coach

Office: 708-277-9701

E-mail: [email protected]

A successful job search takes commitment, time’ research, and guidance. Empower Career Coaching will teach you how to pursue a career that will best match your interest, skills, talents, and abilities.

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