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Blind: How to use the anonymous chat app Tesla may be trying to ban

Employees at Tesla suspect that the company has tried to prevent them from accessing an anonymous workplace app popular among Silicon Valley workers.

The app, called Blind, allows users to anonymously talk about their companies, and connect with other tech industry workers in forums. Blind recently told UK news outlet Verdict that Tesla employees — 2,100 of which are signed up on Blind — have claimed to have trouble getting onto the app in the past month.

Tesla employees are reporting various issues hindering their access to Blind, as noted in a May 24 post on the app from a Tesla worker. Employees are claiming Tesla is blocking the delivery of account verifications to Tesla email addresses, and that the Blind app has been blocked on Tesla’s WiFi network.

Tesla has not responded to Business Insider’s request for comment. Although the reasoning behind Tesla blocking Blind access is unclear, some employees are guessing it’s a move by Tesla to curb leaks of confidential information. In May, Tesla emailed its employees to warn of severe ramifications for leaking company information to “people who will do anything to see us fail.”

Tesla is not the first to try to hinder its employees from accessing Blind. Uber tried to block the app back in 2017 after allegations of sexual harassment from a former engineer rocked the company.

Nevertheless, the app is used by thousands at major tech companies including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Blind has been used by employees to share info on worker pay, get job interview tips, and complain about their companies.

Here’s how Blind works, and how to use it to connect with other employees at your company:

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