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A day in the life of Maurice Mitchell, Working Families Party director

Maurice Mitchell works two full-time jobs: He’s the national director for the Working Families Party, a grassroots group that advocates for progressive causes, and he cares for his 3-year-old son.

Balancing fatherhood and leading a political party means Mitchell typically travels the country on 20-hour work days, sleeping on planes and in Ubers multiple days a week.

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But being a father is why Mitchell works a hectic schedule in the first place. Mitchell gets help raising his son during travel from his son’s mom (who lives separately) and nanny. While he misses his son on the road, he believes actively fighting against climate change will allow his child to inherit a better planet.

“It’s a pretty intense schedule, but I think the road and the requirements of the job are super intense, and I actually think it’s a blessing I have the duty of parenthood to anchor me and bring me back home,” Mitchell told Business Insider. “Ultimately, what connects me to my purpose is my relationship to [my son]. That’s why I go so hard in the field.”

Here’s a day in the life of a community organizer and political-party leader who balances full-time fatherhood and traveling the country.

Maurice Mitchell requested Business Insider not use his son’s name.

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