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5 top CEOs reveal the glaring signs that it’s time to find a new job

At 88 years old, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett still “tap-dances to work” every day — because he loves what he does. He found his purpose, and he pursued it fearlessly. Over 10 years ago, I took that approach to entrepreneurship. In the beginning, I woke up terrified of failing. I was sprinting to my desk each day, not tap-dancing. As I gained traction, I realized how fun it is to make money serving people. The more I served, the happier I felt. If you’re not tap-dancing to work, move on.

If you’re exerting a lot of energy without any recognition or rewards, it’s probably time to hop off the treadmill. Find a mentor who is living your dream life. Buy a course, enroll in a training program, or find someone willing to coach you. Then figure out how they built their dream life and reverse-engineer the steps to get there.

Joshua Harris, founder of Agency Growth Secrets; teaches entrepreneurs how to start, grow, and scale marketing agencies that help businesses grow

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