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27 wild and outlandish ways people quit their jobs

This former resort employee told their boss that he was a “short, fat, balding, loser.”

bar cavallino classic palm beach

A beach bar employee.
Julie Zeveloff/Business Insider

“Luckily I was able to get the theatrics out of my system before I started my professional career. I was young and working as a bartender at a resort in Montauk, New York (a small summer beach town in the Hamptons, for those unfamiliar).

“The resort was beautiful — multiple pools, spas, restaurants, dock slips (it was on the harbor) — so it attracted a very interesting and affluent crowd. Unfortunately, I got stuck working the indoor bar every night from noon to close (roughly 4:30 a.m.) that got very little traffic (so no tips).

“I was living for a short time in what could best be described as tenement-style housing provided by the resort at the cost of a monthly $700 deduction from my paycheck. I was essentially netting around $100 a month, which is not sustainable for living in the Hamptons for a summer.

“On top of all this, management was terrible. I was the only bartender at the indoor bar. Instead of hiring more staff, my manager decided to take it all out on me, calling me inept, an idiot, yada, yada, yada. Nothing constructive and nothing was done to improve the situation.

“Luckily, my friend moved out for the summer and let me live with him at his family’s beach house. Once the arrangements were made, I quickly found a better-paying bartender gig with better hours and better management.

“I told the general manager that I was quitting and explained why. Things ended amicably. I was saying goodbye to the other workers when I ran into the indoor bar manager. I was greeted swiftly with a ‘why the f— are you not working?’ to which I responded that I was quitting. Then he said, ‘Well then, get the f— out of my bar.’

“I realized that this guy had zero influence on my career prospects anymore, present or future. So I told him that he was a short, fat, balding, loser, that he could go f— himself, and that his bar and menu were terrible (this is in front of multiple staff and guests, mind you).

“He stood there speechless.

“I turned around and said goodbye to a few more friends and actually got some applause from some of the guests.

“It gets even better. About a week later, this guy got fired. The resort felt so bad about my mistreatment that, despite my quitting, they gave me a comped weekend stay at one of their suites (which I gave to my mom and her friends to use for her birthday in July).

“Glad I got this out of the way before entering the real world!” — Kyle, Ridgefield, Connecticut

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